The Brooks’ barbecue legacy began over 50 years ago in Nacogdoches, Texas with proprietors Harlon and Alfreddie Brooks.  At an early age, Harlon began contributing to his household income and subsequently learning the importance of hard work and discipline.  By 1963 Harlon set his sights on Houston in the hopes of greater opportunities.  With his high school sweetheart at his side, together they began to forge a life in Houston, Texas.  Soon, he and his wife were working numerous jobs and enjoying a taste of the American dream with children, a modest home and endless opportunities on the horizon. 

By 1977, Marlon Brooks and his younger sister, Candace, bore witness to their parents’ hard work to achieve their first restaurant, started in a closed Texaco station in the neighborhood they grew up in.  Within five years, Marlon and his sister were working in the expanding business and began to experience a taste of success as young entrepreneurs.  Building on the legacy his Mom and Dad created in over 31 years of business, Marlon has created an original, all natural concept and product that combines the principles his Mom and Dad emulated of hard work and perseverance with the ingenuity and creativity of a new generation that understands the importance of creating healthy, all natural products that are quick and easy to prepare while maintaining the high standards of taste and flavor loyal barbecue customers have come to expect.  

Built on principles of  “family first, barbecue second”, the second generation, Brooks Family Foods, will continue to impact communities with a dose of Texas style barbecue and strong family values.

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